Jun. 3rd, 2010 10:30 pm
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36 Armando Galarraga's (Almost) Perfect Game

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Here. At long last, Cabrera's song has finally been ID'd. Thanks to the folks at Motownsports!
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In an act of team unity (or extreme boredom) during the day/night doubleheader, several members of the team got mohawk haircuts. Apparently this is all Joel Zumaya's fault.

Mohawkiness! )

Brandon Inge also apparently got a mohawk, although he was nowhere to be seen in the second game of the doubleheader.

Miguel Cabrera thinks you're all out of your minds, guys.


May. 4th, 2010 11:09 pm
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A Game for All America by Ernie Harwell )
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By now, everyone has probably heard the news.
God bless you, Ernie.

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Seriously, how much FUN was it watching that game?

The Tigers were having everything go wrong that series, it was just so satisfying to watch them come back. I think Cabrera's bomb landed somewhere near Fu-Te Ni's house in Taiwan.

It's great to see Bonderman getting strikeouts, even though his command is still shaky. And the bullpen looks really good right now.

I'm in awe of Austin Jackson's defense right now. It's flawless.
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Here's the new "April in the D" song for this year.

It's A LOT better than last year's, though, i still have last year's stuck in my head.



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This is awesome, it's a promo for the new MLB 2K10, Verlander is in it.

I saw it on the MLB network today.
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Just in case you haven't heard yet, Granderson and Jackson have been traded.

Curtis Granderson goes to the Yankees, and the Tigers get CF Austin Jackson and LHP Phil Coke in return.

Edwin Jackson goes to the Diamondbacks, and the Tigers get RHP Max Scherzer and LHP Dan Schlereth

The Yankees are also sending RHP Ian Kennedy to the Diamondbacks.

Scherzer will start in Edwin's spot, Austin Jackson will probably be the opening day CF, and Coke and Schlereth should both start the season with the team, Coke might be in the rotation.

Dang it

Dec. 3rd, 2009 11:00 am
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ESPN Text Alert:

Phillies signed INF Placido Polanco to 3-year contract worth 18 million, he will start at 3B.
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Just thought I'd post this, in case any of you cats might be interested. This comm's been pretty quiet lately anyways. (How much do all those Grandy/Jackson trade rumors suck, by the way? I'm going with 'a great deal of highly concentrated suckage'.)

Basically, you print out a provided Terrible Cartoon of a Tiger (or several Tigers), and photograph it somewhere funny, weird, interesting, whatever. No idea what I mean? A little somethin' like this. I gotta say, some people have gotten their submissions in already and they really seem to be having fun with it.

The best image will be rewarded with a copy of the 2010 Bill James Handbook (with a Tiger of your choosing doodled on the inside cover, if you wish). Two runners-up will each get a 5x7 print of one of my photos of the Porcello/Youkilis brawl. Oooooo, shiny.

The deadline for submissions is December 10. The cartoons you can use and additional details are all right over here.
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Q: Who bats after Gerald Laird?
A: The other team.
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I wrote a big tl;dr postmortem of the 2009 Tigers, but the conclusion I drew was that, no matter how much I might wish for a rebuilding, the economics of the situation won't permit one. So, here's what I want before pitchers and catchers report:

One more bona fide Starter

Verlander and Porcello are a top-shelf 1-2. Jackson came back to Earth, but is still a solid #4. We need to fill in that #3 spot. We can't go to Lakeland willing to let Bondo, Robertson, Willis, Miner, Galarraga and Bonine battle it out for two spots of five, particularly considering concerns about Jackson. We know what those guys can do. Let's get one more guy in who can give us 190+ innings and a chance to win every time he goes out. Who's out there?

Randy Wolf: 11-7, 3.23ERA, 1.10WHIP, 160K, 2.76 K/BB (Might be tough to get him away from the Dodgers)

Erik Bedard: Hurt the last two years (only 164IP combined), but maybe we buy low? A la the Twinks and Carl Pavano? He was 28-16 with 392K his last two seasons in Baltimore before he got banged up.

Jason Marquis: 15-13, 4.04, but has only pitched fewer than 191 innings once since he became a full-time starter in 2004 (167 in 208). We could use that kind of consistency.

Joel Pinero: 15-12, 3.49. Doesn't have a huge track record.

A couple bats

Well, I figure we're set at C, 1B, 2B (I'm assuming they let Polanco walk and give Sizemore his shot), and all the OF spots. I'd love to see them go after Orlando Cabrera or Marco Scutaro for the SS job. Also, Chone Figgins is going to be a free agent, and haven't we reached a point where it's time to upgrade offensively from Brandon Inge? The man hit .230 this season, and that's not a consistent .230. That was thanks to two good months (.319 in April, .287 in June). He hit .194(!) from July to September. I know he does all sorts of pretty, slidey crap defensively. I know that. But seriously. It's time. If he were a utilityman, a defensive replacement, fine. Not acceptable for a third basemen in the AL on a contender.

I also think we could perhaps make better use of the DH spot. But given his contract, I guess pencil Carlos Guillen in there. Maybe a whole season in one spot, even if that spot is DH will be good for him.


Oct. 6th, 2009 10:50 pm
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When you're the dumbest team in baseball, you shouldn't be surprised when more intelligent teams beat you.

Leyland isn't going to get fired, and neither will DD, but after this season, Leyland probably should be. The team consistently made unacceptable mental errors all season, and that's the reason they lost today. I don't know if it's necessarily Leyland's fault, but that seems like the kind of thing a coaching staff should be taking care of.

Oh well, go get 'em next year.


Oct. 4th, 2009 03:18 pm
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Dumb question, if there is a tie breaking game on Tuesday, why is it in Minnesota?

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