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Just so we're clear, cause I want to keep track:

Is there anyone in this community that still hates Cabrera and will level charges of being fat/lazy/overpaid/no-good/satan-worshipping/a commie-nazi?

Just comment and let yourself be known so I can yell at you. kthxbai
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... to the USA Today article posted by [livejournal.com profile] dodgers_pwn  earlier today is being broadcast (heavily edited) and talked about on 97.1FM now. I wouldn't normally plug a broadcast, but I think the comments are fairly important judging this team, our response to how Leyland looks tired, and the comments to the post with the article. Also, Leyland was very upset. Hopefully you can all hear it now or the audio comes online later.

Audio has been uploaded as an mp3 on 971theticket.com here. Enjoy all four and half minutes of it.
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Tigs traded Grilli away to the Rockies for 22 year old RPH Zachary Simons. The move was to clear space to bring up Cruceta who is now expected to be up for tomorrow's game.

As far as Simons, he's definitely a prospect, and we all know, if our scouts see good things, good things are typically there. However, he wasn't in the Rockies top 30 prospects - but, then, you really think we'd get one for Grilli - even with his flashes of brilliance (0runs, 4 hits, 3BB, 8Ks in his last 11.1 IP)? Simons' numbers are nothing to brag about with a pro career ERA of 4.91 and a K/BB rate of about 3/2. He does have a good fastball that, as of the 2005 draft was in the mid nineties. The Rockies obviously saw something in him as they gave him a 625K signing bonus.

Get ready for Cruceta. From what I recall, he was going to be our set-up man with Rodney/Zumaya out, but then he couldn't get his visa issues resolved thus promoting Bautista. His numbers at Toledo have been very nice: struck out the side in his first inning on 10 pitches, 95 MPH fastball, "not much fun" slider, and a "malevolent" split finger, 7IP, 15Ks, 2 hits, 3 walks, 0 runs (as far as I know).

Leyland does like to build confidence by leaving guys out and in their positions (ala Bautista last night), so Cruceta may come in as middle relief to start and eventually promote to set-up. Then again, it didn't take all that many games for him to move Cabrera to first. We'll have to see what Leyland decides.
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Here's the thing about this debate. It's not a debate. This is was the Ingies need to remember. Brandon Inge is a .241 career hitter. Right now, when he's playing so well by his standards, he's only hitting .282, which is good for a whopping 80th best in all of baseball. His best average for a season ever was .287 in 2004.

Make no mistake, Cabrera is not playing well. Not well at all, and I would not suggest otherwise. However, to say that they Tigers would be better off with Inge at third long-term is positively ludicrous. Cabrera is not some hot prospect kid who blew a scout away in Winter League, this is a guy who essentially every scout, GM and manager in baseball thinks is one of the Top-10 or Top-15 players in the game, and he's only just about to turn 25. Remember that nobody said the trade was a bad idea when it was made, which is essentially unheard of when a team gives up a blue-chipper like Cameron Maybin. All we heard was "Maybin's 21, Cabrera's 24, Cabrera's a know commodity and already great, Maybin isn't." There you go. Every expert loves this kid.

Miguel Cabrera is in a slump right now. Everyone slumps. Ty Cobb slumped. Ted Williams slumped. Willie Mays slumped. The Babe himself slumped. Every one of those illustrious careers probably was checkered with two or three or ten stretches of a few weeks when they couldn't hit water if they fell out of a boat.

So this non-debate is not Camero vs. Mustang in the quarter mile. It's not even Toyota Camry vs. Honda Accord. This is 1997 Chevy Malibu vs. 2008 Z06 Corvette with a flat tire. So if Jimmy Leyland can get the jack and tire iron out, watch out, because we'll never hear from Brandon Inge again.
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I can't help but read the message boards on Freep.com at the end of articles, and it seems like we Tiger fans are falling into one of two camps:

1) It's two games, chill out.

2) We're screwed and only going to win 82 games.

Here's how I feel: It's true that there are still 160 games left in the season and, in the grand scheme, dropping two in a row doesn't mean a whole lot. Nor does only scoring four runs in 20 innings. Nor does giving up nine runs in 20 innings. It happens. I'm sure it happened to the '27 Yankees, though probably only once.

Anyway, there are things to be legitimately worried about, and some reasons for optimism. First, what I'm worried about:

1) Since 2006 this team has scored a lot of runs. 5.1 per game in '06 and 5.5 last year, and how often did we see this team very susceptible to good pitching? "But Will," you'll say, "isn't every team susceptible to good pitching?" Yes, of course, that's true. But, on the other hand, we've seen the Tigers overswing a lot and make just okay pitchers look like Walter Johnson, like this Bannister kid yesterday. Granted, Bannister is a fine young pitcher, and frankly Gil Meche could be #1 for a lot of teams, but with our lineup we've got to see more timely hitting.

2) The bullpen (duh). Personally, I think Todd Jones gets to be our closer until he proves he can't do it anymore. The man's saved 115 games the last three seasons, lay off. So yeah, Gas Can Jones is okay by me. The rest of the guys scare me, although Bautista did look pretty okay on Opening Day all told, and could be a good option in the 7th if Rodney comes back like his old self. And hey, maybe Crucerta will get his visa, who knows? Otherwise, these guys do not inspire confidence. I have to believe they make a deal by the deadline.

What I'm optimistic about:

1) The starting pitching. Verlander looked good and probably would have won that game had we hit better. Kenny looked damn good. If he pitches like that all year and makes at least 26 starts we'll be in good shape.

2) Carlos Guillen. This guy can play ball, and he's going to have a monster year. Mark it down.

3) This Clete Thomas kid. Looks pretty good. Maybe he'll make Inge trade bait sooner than we think, get us another arm in the pen.

In short, things aren't as dire as they seem. And hey, maybe it's good that these Mighty Tigers have been humbled by little 'ol KC to start the season. Just so they don't get to full of themselves.


Sep. 20th, 2007 06:19 pm
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i was sitting around and I thought,

Isn't Sheffield like the worst hitter ever? terrible numbers around his DL stint.

Also, Joel Zumaya might be the worst bullpen pitcher ever. If he can't pitch 100 MPH and get 50 Ks after just recovering from surgery, I don't want him.

Jim Leyland is a worse manager than Luis Pujols. What is he, like 5 for a billion since the all-star break?

Carlos Guillen is the worst fielding shortstop ever. I hope he gets caught with amphedimines like Neifi Perez.

Dombrowski is the worst GM in baseball, that's obvious. Randy Smith wouldv'e pulled off two 9 player deals involving CJ Nitkowski to save the season. Sean Casey? Yeah, thanks a lot, jerk.

Mike Ilitch is a horrible owner. No title since the 02 Red Wings? Weak.

Can't wait til all of these clowns get fired and we get back to the glory days.
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